April 16, 2012
by Donramon Jante

We hope you enjoy your experience here on our new site! Look around, have some fun and familiarize yourself with our delicious Filipino Street food and Burgers. There will be more exciting items on the menu, these are just some of the delicious dishes we will be serving. Feel free to leave us comments, suggestions, love mail, hate mail, because we’d love to hear from you! Help us build an exciting experience that you will enjoy. Anything you like we do for you.

We will be opening within the next couple months so keep visiting us to see the progress. Our Flip-Mobile Food Truck is being built as we type. Cross your fingers that it will be done on-time. We look forward to serving you.

Familiarize yourself with some of our flipin’ cool lingo:

Flipsters = You & Us, Our FansUse this as a #hashtag on twitter when you’re representing, #Flipsters, because we rock!

Flip-Mobile = Flip 'n Patties Food Truck

Flip = Filipino

Pinoy = Filipino

Siopao = This is one of the most popular Filipino Street Foods. It’s a steamed bun with savory, sweet pork or chicken in the inside. You’ll definitely appreciate the inside