April 14, 2012 by Donramon Jante

We bought our food truck from this lovely couple, Patty (left of Papapnoi) & Bert (right of Papapnoi), out in the boonies, Goodrich, Texas. We ventured out to Goodrich, Texas, a place we knew nothing about and had never been. As we pulled up to their home, which was located down a dirt road in a small neighborhood, we were hesitant to go down. It seemed like it was a perfect opportunity for one of those horror flick nightmares to occur. We loaded up the shotgun and rang the doorbell. Greeted by a tall man, coughing his lungs out, we quickly drew out our shotgun and asked if he was Bert! jk… Long story short, we greeted, met, chatted and left with the truck.

Halfway down the road, right before we hit the freeway, truck shuts off. We immediately grabbed the shotgun. No just kidding. Truck ran out of gas and Bert was kind enough to come fill us up. One problem, the truck still didn’t work. Bert hustled to get his tools and crawled under and over the truck trying to get it started. Keep in mind, he was doing this in pitch darkness, late at night. Truck finally starts and we are on our way to the gas station to fill ‘er up. We make Bert follow just in case it breaks down again. We get to the gas station, fill up and turn the ignition switch. NO DICE. We look at each other, WTFudgePops! Bert is back hustling to get it started again. We contemplate leaving and getting our money back. Bert assures us everything is a quick fix, trying his best to keep the sale. Finally, after almost an hour, he gets it started. WOOT WOOT! We discuss the situation, made a couple calls, took our shotgun and were Houston Bound!

What almost turned into a nightmare, ended up working out. Gotta love the food truck business!

Thank You Bert and Patty!