From the deepest burrows of our hearts, we thank you all for making this day extra special. Love and Unicorn Tears to Y’all...we love you…

It has been a magical Foodtruck roller coaster the past six years, but now we have a place to officially call home.

All the love shown has helped us continue on and keep striving to improve the quality of our food and experience that we hold dearly. The Grand Opening was for everyone who has been with us throughout the years and also for the new faces who will hopefully grow with us for many more moons to follow.

March 10 marks the birth of yet another new milestone and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their love, support and dedication:

We appreciate everyone who came out and we hope y’all had a magical time! If you weren't able join the party, come by and check us out.

Cheers to the grind and be ready for the future of Filipino food.

God Bless!